AFA 230: Survey of African History to 1800

Angela Flounory | Fall 2015

Course Description and Objectives

Course Description

This course offers a survey of African history from ancient times to the end of the eighteenth century. We begin with human origins, and framing how the image and history of Africa has been constructed. The geography and climate of Africa are examined, and how they impacted human migration and development.  There is an exploration of early African interaction with cultivating plants and domesticating animals. A substantial amount of time will be devoted to examining what the disciplines of Archeobotany, Archaeology, Linguistics, Egyptology, African Literature, and Egyptology contribute to the construction of African History, and areas where there are debates. There is a focus on the African encounter with Europeans and its effects on African culture. Lastly, the impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade on Africa is examined from the viewpoint of narratives which can offer agency and a centered- perspective when constructing events in African history.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of the distinctive histories of Africa
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the contributions of classical African civilizations to world history;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of African culture and social history;
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the geography of Africa;
  • Describe and explain historical significance of African history;
  • Identify, summarize, and combine archaeological, linguistic, and literary documents to evaluate events and phenomena in African history;
  • Formulate and support historical arguments that address inquiry;
  • Select analyze, and evaluate information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.

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