COM/THE 204: Argumentation and Debate

Assignment List

First Evidence Wave

Due October 1, 11:59 PM

This first assignment is designed to work on skills of gathering and evaluating evidence, as well as to explore our topic area of internet policy in order to spark ideas for arguments as we move through the semester.  In this first evidence wave, you will be primarily looking for major issues, lines of analysis and facts about internet policy in order to get the lay of the land.  This will set the table for our second evidence wave, which will be more narrowly focused on major controversies within internet policy that will lead to our specific debate topics.

Gather five separate pieces of evidence from credible and recent sources.  Diversity is a key here; balancing between types of evidence, ideological commitments of the source, and subject areas will do the best job of exploring internet policy in the aggregate. Material from scholarly sources, popular news media, issue advocacy organizations, and government documents are all fair game, among other sources.  Follow the criteria we outline in class (and from your textbook) for what makes good, quality, credible evidence.  Since this assignment is about inquiry, you should take a liberal interpretation of what “internet policy” is; the more widespread the evidence the merrier.

Remember, we are only looking for single pieces of information.  Shorter is better, while being mindful that the context for the evidence is key is to using it ethically.  We are not looking for entire articles or complex, multi-faceted facts.  Break them down into smaller pieces, select out the most compelling information, and then move on to another source.  This will make your evidence more digestible. 

We will be using Easybib, a bibliographic tool available through our library, to format the evidence.  Select the APA style preference. Provide as much information requested by Easybib as you can discern about each of your sources.  Then, cut and paste the actual quotation you are pulling out into the “Add Annotation” section.  Use the sample file I provide you as a template. Once you have created your bibliography of five separate pieces of evidence, export it as a Word Doc.  Then, upload that Word Doc into the assignment tool in Blackboard as a file. 

You will be graded on the quality of your evidence and your ability to follow the directions outlined in this assignment sheet.

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