EasyBib User Guide


EasyBib is a citation management tool that helps students to keep track of their sources and create correctly formatted works cited lists (aka bibliographies).

This guide will give tutorials and tips on creating an EasyBib account, putting sources into EasyBib, and creating bibliographies.

Signing Up and Logging In

There are two versions of EasyBib:

  • the free version, which only allows users to create MLA bibliographies, and
  • the EDU version through UM-Flint's library, which has over 7,000 citation styles (!), including MLA, APA, and Chicago style.

You will want to sign up for the EDU version, because most professors on campus ask for APA style.

Once you have created an account and entered the coupon code, you can go directly to the EasyBib site instead of going through the library.


1. The Login and Sign Up buttons are in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. On the Sign Up screen you only have to fill in the required fields to sign up.

3. After signing up, you still need to enter the Coupon Code UnivMIFlint. In the upper right corner, click on your name to activate the drop down menu. Then click on the Coupon Code option.
4. On the next screen, type in UnivMIFlint (the letter after the capital "M" is a capital "i"). Click Apply.
5. On the next screen, please press Save. 
You should now be able to create projects using APA, Chicago, and other styles besides MLA!

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