AFA 206: Survey of African Literature

Prof. Patricia Emenyonu, Fall 2015

Course Description

African Literature began as an oral tradition with tales told around the fire in the evenings under the stars.  We will listen to/read some of these folktales.  We will use West Africa as our focus to answer some of these questions:

What is African literature?  How is it different from other literatures of the world?  Why do African writers write predominantly in English and French in a continent that has close to 1000 of its own languages?  Who reads what African writers produce?  How is womanhood depicted in African fiction?  What do African female writers write about and why?

--Syllabus for AFA 206: Survey of African Literature, Fall 2015

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the African heritage through reading a wide variety of texts in a variety of genres – folktales, poetry, short stories, novels – in order to debunk stereotypes.
  • Describe the contemporary issue of boy soldiers and how they are represented in fiction.
  • Compare and contrast feminism and womanism and discuss issues of concern for African female writers.
  • Analyze and explain the connections between the African writers’ life/culture and their work.
  • Examine the work of Sindiwe Magona, meet the author, and interview her while she is on campus
  • Compare and contrast the characters in the novels or short stories of Achebe, Akpan, Abani and Adichie.
  • Read, discuss, analyze, and interpret African creative works with keen insight and objectivity
  • Summarize the impact that these authors had on you as a person.

--Syllabus for AFA 206: Survey of African Literature, Fall 2015

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