Extensive Reading Collection

Blue Level Books

Blue Level books are for advanced English readers.

Students in Reading and Writing 5 and Reading and Writing 6 classes should look at these books first.

They have a BLUE dot on them, so you can find them easily.

Books also have a letter on the sticker to tell which are easier than others.

Books with B on them are easy. Books with A on them are less easy. Books with X on them are hard.

Remember to use the Five-Finger Rule to help choose a book.

Search for Level 3 Books

Type "ELP3" into the empty search box below, then click the FIND button. A new webpage will appear with all the Blue Level books in the ELP Collection.

You can also search by author, title, or subject, but you will get results that are not in the ELP collection.

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Other Books in the Library

ELP students can check out other books in the library, but most of them are at college or advanced reading levels. Some areas of the collection that might interest you are listed below.

Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Manga in the Main Collection

There is a small collection of adult graphic novels in the library's main collection. They are located on the first floor of the library between the call numbers PN 6700 - PN 6790.

Books of Short Stories

Books of short stories can be found on the first floor of the library in the P section. Some specifc areas are listed below:

  • PN 6014 (O. Henry Prize for Short Stories)
  • PN 6120.15 - PN 6120.95 (General short story collections)
  • PS 501 - PS 579 (Regional American short stories)
  • PS 642 - PS 659.9 (Genre short stories)

Online books (ebooks)

The links below are to collections of ebooks. Login with your uniqname and password to access them.

Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers

Journals and Magazines

The library has access to almost 80,000 journals online. Here are a few titles you might be interested in.


Paper copies of the following newspapers can be found on the third floor of the library.

  • The Flint Journal
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Detroit Free Press
  • The Detroit News
  • The New York Times
  • The Michigan Times 

The library also has access to newspapers online. Use Proquest Newsstand to access some of them.

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