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How to add library resources to your Blackboard course

How to add a link to library resources to your Blackboard course

There is a new tool available in Blackboard which will automatically link your students to the library resources most appropriate to your specific course within the Blackboard shell. You will need to add a link to the navigation on the left hand side of Blackboard, but in only a few steps your students will have easy one click access to library resources specific to the subject of the course without navigating away from your course content!

It works by linking subject specific library pages with your course based on the course abbreviation. If your course has a specific library guide, it will link to that instead! If you don’t have a library guide for your course and would like to have one created please contact one of our librarians. We’re happy to work with you to create one and then you can direct your student to exactly the resources you’d like them to use.

Follow the steps in this guide to link your Blackboard course to library resources.