How to add library resources to your Blackboard course

Navigating to Library Resources

The link is now available in the navigation panel and your students will automatically view the most appropriate library content for your course right within Blackboard. In the example below the student is viewing an ENG course within Blackboard, however if they switch to their CHM course, the student will view the chemistry research guide instead when they click the link. The guide that matches the course abbreviation will be selected behind the scenes, so you do not have to do anything further.

If you have worked with the library to create a specific library related course guide (as opposed to a subject level guide) your students will see that guide. For example we worked with COM 210 faculty to create a guide specific to their course. That research guide will display for the students enrolled in that course in place of the general communication guide. 

If you are interested in creating a research guide specifically for your course, contact us so we can help get you set up. The best part is that your student is still in Blackboard and is only a click away from your course content.

As always, let us know if you need any help setting this up or would like to work with us on developing a course guide.