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US Bureau of Labor Statistics -- Psychologists

Information about job opportunities for Psychologists, including:
- Salary
- What Psychologists Do
- Work Environment
- Pay
- Job Outlook
- Similar Occupations
- More Information and Links


American Psychology Association -- Introduction to Careers Opportunities

Includes information on:
- What is Psychology
- What are some of the sub-fields of Psychology
- Job Outlook
- What do psychologists do and where do they do it?
- Getting ready to work in psychology
- APA resources for students


American Psychology Association -- Careers & Job Listings


American Psychology Association -- Science in Action, Careers

Links to information on:
- Helping Businesses
- Helping People Improve their Lives
- Promoting Health
- Protecting the Planet
- Serving Communities
- Understanding the World Around Us
- Working in Schools


APA -- Options in Academic Careers Options

If you have spent your graduate student years in the psychology department of a major research university, you may think that a tenure-track position in a psychology department is your only academic career option. However, the interdisciplinary nature of psychology makes individuals with doctoral degrees in psychology attractive as faculty members in a number of different academic settings.


APA -- Options in Non-Academic Careers

The articles illustrate the various skill-sets and expertise that psychologists possess which are also highly valued by employers outside of academe. The nontraditional career paths represented by these personal success stories illustrate the different types of unique contributions made by psychologists in many different employment settings.
- Animal Protection
- Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
- Forensic Psychologist
- Police Psychologist in Federal Government
- Trial Consultant
- Health Care
- Human Resources
- Interior Design
- Organizational Development
- Research
- Writing


American Psychology Association -- Current Growth Careers

Psychology's growth careers -- Article.
Psychologists' expertise in human behavior is increasingly welcomed in many nontraditional career settings.




Psychology Career Center Organization

This website was established to help aspiring psychologists, psychology students and job seekers make better, more informed career choices by providing them with relevant, reliable and up-to-date career development, job search and employment information.

See links for "Careers" and for "Jobs."


Careers in Psychology Organization


Psychology Degree 411 -- Jobs Listing



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