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American Academic Culture

The culture of American universities can be shocking to many international students. American professors often ask students to discuss and argue about what they are learning in class. The atmosphere in American classrooms can often be informal with professors asking students to call them by their first name. The amount of reading and writing in any academic discipline can also come as a surprise. 

Advice for doing well in your classes:

  • Read the assigned chapters before class.
  • Try to talk at least once in each class meeting. Participation points count towards your grade!
  • Go to your professor's office hours and introduce yourself, especially if it is a large lecture.
  • Find a good study spot and start a routine to finish your homework.
  • Ask a librarian for help when you have a research assignment.
  • Go to the Writing Center when you have a paper.
  • Take a break every once in a while. There are a lot of fun things to do in Flint, especially on the weekends.

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