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Library Faculty & Staff

Liaisons by Department, Subject, or Responsibility

Africana Studies Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Anesthesia Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

Anthropology Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

Archives (Genesee Historical
Collections Center)
Colleen Marquis     810-762-3402

Art Matt Wolverton 810-762-3415

Biology Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

Business Vera Anderson 810-762-3413

Chemistry Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

Circulation Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Class Visits Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Communication Paul Streby 810-762-3405

Computer Science Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

Criminal Justice Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

Dance Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Economics Matt Wolverton 810-762-3415

Education & Educational

Zia Davidian 810-766-6781

Engineering Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

English Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Foreign Languages Zia Davidian 810-766-6781

Genesee Early College Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

Geography, Planning,
and Environment
Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

Gifts Matt Wolverton 810-762-3415

Government Resources Liz Svoboda
Vera Anderson

Health Care programs Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

History Colleen Marquis     810-762-3402

International Studies Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Law Paul Streby 810-762-3405

Legislative History Vera Anderson 810-762-3413

Liberal Studies Paul Streby 810-762-3405

Management Vera Anderson 810-762-3413

Mathematics Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

Music Matt Wolverton 810-762-3408

Nursing Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

Philosophy Paul Streby 810-762-3405

Physical Therapy Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

Physics Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

Political Science Matt Wolverton 810-762-3415

Psychology Zia Davidian 810-766-6781

Public Administration Vera Anderson 810-762-3413

Reference Collection

Mickey Doyle 810-762-3401

Religion Paul Streby 810-762-3405

Research Instruction Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Social Media Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Social Work Zia Davidian 810-766-6781

Sociology Emily Newberry 810-424-5302

Theatre Liz Svoboda 810-762-3007

Women's & Gender Studies Emily Newberry 810-762-3007