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Call Numbers for Philosophy



Philosophy (General)

B 69-99


Philosophy (General)--General works

B 108-5802


Philosophy (General)--By period (Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy)

B 108-708


Philosophy (General)--By period--Ancient

B 720-765


Philosophy (General)--By period--Medieval

B 770-785


Philosophy (General)--By period--Renaissance

B 790-5802


Philosophy (General)--By period--Modern






Speculative philosophy

BD 10-41


Speculative philosophy--General philosophical works

BD 95-131


Speculative philosophy--Metaphysics

BD 143-237


Speculative philosophy--Epistemology. Theory of knowledge

BD 240-260


Speculative philosophy--Methodology

BD 300-450


Speculative philosophy--Ontology (Including being, the soul, life, death)

BD 493-701


Speculative philosophy--Cosmology (Including teleology, space and time, structure of matter, plurality of worlds)




BJ 1-1725



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