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Digitized Graduate Work Download Report FY 2023

by Liz Svoboda on 2024-04-04T17:04:00-04:00 in Library News, Scholarly Publishing & Activity | 0 Comments

It's time for our yearly usage report of UM-Flint graduate students' digitized final capstone projects, theses, and dissertations. Let’s take a look at some of fiscal year 2023 (July 2022 - June 2023) statistics from Deep Blue (the University of Michigan’s repository of scholarly work). 

  • Works added in: 17
  • Total number works in collection:  847
  • Total number of open access works: 410 (48% of collection)
  • Total number of works accessible only on UM campuses: 437 (52% of collection)
  • Works downloaded at least once: 442 (52%)
  • Open access works downloaded at least once: 408 (99.5% of OA works)
  • Works accessible only on UM campuses downloaded at least once: 34 (8% of on campus works)
  • Total downloads: 40,915
  • Open access downloads: 40,772 (99.7%)
  • On campus downloads: 143 (0.3%)

Total number of graduate works downloaded from Deep Blue, FY 2019 - FY 2023

Total Monthly Downloads from Deep Blue FY 2019 - FY 2023


The next graph shows the comparative percentages of downloads according to each program. Liberal Studies and Public Administration are the oldest programs and have more works associated with their programs (219 and 247, respectively), meaning they had more of a chance to earn downloads. However, works from the Anesthesia Practice, Biology, Education, Nursing, and Public Health programs all had more then 1000 downloads, while each having less than 100 total associated works.

FY 2023 Download from Deep Blue by program


Top 10 Works Downloaded from Deep Blue in FY2023

Title Author Year Program Downloads
The Cult of True Womanhood: Women of the Mid-nineteenth Century and Their Assigned Roles as Reflected in Contemporary Writing  Laurie Bonventre



Liberal Studies


Classification: Absolutism vs Relativism Darren Weist 2016 Computer Science 2,484
A Study of Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention of Michigan CRNAs Donna Carnahan 2013 Nurse Anesthesia 2,236
Faces of Feminism: The Gibson Girl and the Held Flapper in Early Twentieth Century Mass Culture

Raina-Joy Palso


Liberal Studies

Is There a Relationship Between Class Size and Student Achievement? Mary Lou Ruggles 2003 Public Administration 1,673
An American Indian Revolution:  The American Indian Movement and the Occupation of Wounded Knee, SD, 1973 Nicholas A. Timmerman 2012 Liberal Studies 852
Deinstitutionalization and Its Effects on the Elderly: Inappropriate Placement into Long-term Care Alberto M. Flores 1991 Public Administration 822
Organizational Behavior Modification: A Model for Public Sector Administrators J. Michael Rembor 1983 Public Administration 758
A Comparative Examination of German-American Women Immigrants in the Rural and Urban Areas of America in the Nineteenth Century Brigitte A. Rex 2001 Liberal Studies 704
Hemingway in Turkey:  The Influence of His Turkish Experiences on His Writing Neriman Kuyucu 2013 Liberal Studies 682

Now for the retrieval data we have from Proquest's Dissertations & Theses Global (PDTG), which is one of the largest databases of graduate works in the world. PDTG is a database that many colleges and universities subscribe to and most of the content is not open access. The usage data we have from Proquest differs from the data we get from Deep Blue (mainly that it is counted by calendar year rather than fiscal), but we've given as close a comparison as possible.

  • Works added in 2023: 14
  • Total number of works: 793
  • Total number of full text works: 425 (54%)
  • Total number of citation only works: 368 (46%)
  • Total retrievals: 4082
  • Total full text PDF retrievals: 2290
  • Total PDF preview retrievals: 181
  • Total citation/abstract retrievals: 1504

All retrievals from Proquest DTG, 2019 - 2023


Top 10 Subjects Retrieved from PDTG in 2023

Top 10 thesis subject from Proquest


Top 10 Countries Retrieving Work from PDTG in 2023

Country/Area Retrievals
United States 2,252
China 575
Canada 219
United Kingdom 200
Australia 189
Turkey 71
Malaysia 59
Taiwan 56
Singapore 51
South Korea 46

Top 10 Works Retrieved from PDTG in 2023

Title Author Year Program Retrievals
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Special Education Classrooms: An Exploration of Elementary and Secondary Special Education Teachers' Instructional Practices Precios M. Armstrong 2022 Education 91
Increasing Knowledge of and Promoting Positive Attitudes Towards the Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables Among Pre-School Children, Parents, and Teachers in Three Childcares in One City in a Midwestern United States County: A Multi-Level Intervention of Teachers, Parents, and Children Shelley L. Frazier 2023 Public Health


The Development of a Post Anesthesia Care Unit Patient Quantitative Assessment/Predictive Tool to Manage Post-Operative Health Alterations Robin Cook 2017 Anesthesia


Identification of Barriers to Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist Participation in Independent Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Clinical Rotation Sites Lauren M. Phoenix 2020 Anesthesia 64
Toward Informed News Media Consumption: Avoiding Fake News via Labelling of Online Content Jay Strong 2020 Computer Science 63
English Learners' Conceptions of Self in an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme: A Narrative Inquiry Kendra Seitz Katnik 2022 Education 62
Do Sources of Health Information Regarding COVID-19 Differ among Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Nursing Students? Kendra Selby 2023 Public Health 59
Teacher Coaching: What Is It and What Are the Conditions Necessary for Greater Engagement? Robbie A. Renes 2023 Education 55
Giving for the City: How Civic Capacity Influences Philanthropic Support for Education Reform in Small-to-Mid-Sized Urban School Districts Ja'Nel L. Jamerson 2022 Education 55
Examining the Impacts of Pokémon Go on Physical Health and Social Interaction among College Students Adedotun Ojelabi 2018 Computer Science 51
Designing Technology to Support Health Information and Services Seeking for the LGBTQIA+ Community Taylor Schell Martinez 2022 Computer Science 51

If you have any questions about depositing your graduate work please see our FAQ or contact Liz Svoboda at We also recorded a recent webinar on the depositing process.

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