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Library Faculty & Staff

Library Faculty and Staff



Jennifer headshot    

Dr. Jennifer Dean
Library Director
(810) 762-3018

Vera headshot    

Vera Anderson
Reference Librarian
(810) 762-3413

Callum in the archives    

Callum Carr-Marquis
Head of Archives
(810) 762-3402

Mickey headshot 

Mickey Doyle
Head of Access Services
(810) 762-3401

Emily headshot    

Emily Newberry
Research and Scholarship Librarian
(810) 424-5302


Laura Peet headshot    

Laura Peet
Administrative Assistant
(810) 762-3410

Desirée headshot    

Desirée Sharland-Anderson
Information Resources Assistant
(810) 766-6675

Paul headshot    

Paul Streby
Reference and Resource Access Librarian
(810) 762-3405


Liz headshot    

Liz Svoboda
Instruction and Outreach Librarian
(810) 762-3007


Anh headshot    

Anh Thach
Serials Clerk
(810) 762-3414

Jordan headshot    

Jordan Tiffany
Information Resources Assistant
(810) 766-6756

Cameron headshot    

Cameron Whalen
Information Resources Assistant
(810) 762-3197


Matt headshot    

Matthew Wolverton
Head of Collections and Technical Services
(810) 762-3415