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There has been an explosion in the number of open access journals in recent years. While many are serious scholarly projects that make a solid contribution to academia, some are of dubious intellectual value, and exist primarily to enrich their publishers through publishing fees. 


The H-index is a popular measure of publishing impact, where an author's H-index is represented by the number of papers (h) with a citation number ≥ h.

For example, a scientist with an H-index of 14 has published numerous papers, 14 of which have been cited at least 14 times.

Note: H-index values often vary significantly by database, as each database contains different sources (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, or grey literature) and thus different citation counts.

The following databases will calculate h-indexes for researchers.

If you have a ResearchGate account, you can also get an h-index through them:

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