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Genesee Historical Collections Center (Archives)


The Genesee Historical Collections Center is the archive for the University of Michigan-Flint. It is located on the second floor of the Frances Willson Thompson Library at 303 Kearsley Street, Flint Mich. The GHCC is a labor history-focused archive containing the complete records of the UAW 599, oral histories of labor leaders and participants in the 1936/37 Sitdown Strike, and the personal and professional papers of political and social leaders. Civil right's leaders like Edgar B. Holt and Olive Beasley are also located here as are the papers of former Senator Donald Riegle and former Representative Dale Kildee. 

The archive also contains a good deal of City of Flint materials, including the probate records from the 19th ce. and the early 20th ce (no adoption records are available). The City Planning collection is of particular interest as it outlines Urban Renewal efforts in downtown Flint and various projects like the building of Riverfront Park. There are also significant records regarding demographics, crime, social services, and other city information. There is also a large number of cultural collections such as the Flint Area Recordings Collection and the William C. Byrd and Margaret St. John collections.

The University records comprise about half of the collection and describe the organization and accreditation of the University of Michigan-Flint as well as various departments and programs. The collection includes budget reports, directories, yearbooks, and institutional study documents. All administrative documentation is stored and described in the Chancellor's Office collection, Provost collection, Cabinet meeting records, and various other departmental and committee records. 

GHCC Hours

Head of Archives Callum Carr is on leave until Friday, September 1, 2023, and access to the GHCC is by appointment only. Please contact a librarian to set up an appointment.

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