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Library Policies


Thompson Library is committed to providing equal access to library collections, services, and facilities for all library users. It is a priority for the Library to select and acquire, whenever possible, resources and technologies that are accessible to all and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and timely access to users with disabilities both in person and online.

For assistance, or if you have suggestions or comments, please contact:

UM-Flint Disability and Accessibility Support Services

Internet Access for the Public

The University of Michigan-Flint provides information technology resources to a large number and variety of users - faculty, staff, students, and outside patrons. All users have the responsibility to use these resources in an ethical, legal, and responsible manner.

Freedom of inquiry and expression as well as an open environment for sharing information are valued, encouraged, supported, and protected at the University of Michigan-Flint. Research and instruction take many forms. Therefore, information accessible through the Internet should not be unduly restricted.

The Thompson Library's Internet resources are intended for education and information purposes. Its computers may not be used for recreational purposes such as playing games or using chatrooms. The use of e-mail, except for purely academic purposes, is strongly discouraged. The Internet, like all of the Thompson Library's information sources, must be used in a manner that respects the rights of others and does not interfere with the intended use of the information resources. University of Michigan-Flint students, faculty, and staff doing research have first priority for using the computers.

Use of the two public work stations are limited to an hour at a time. Patrons may request an extension of that time if working on job applications or other important business. Patrons using these stations must wait one half hour between sessions in order to allow others the opportunity to use the stations.

Patrons are prohibited from engaging in any activity that:

  • Interferes with the intended use of the information resources
  • Without authorization, destroys, alters, dismantles, disfigures, prevents rightful access to or otherwise interferes with the integrity of computer-based information and/or information resources
  • Installs software, files, or any application on the hard drive of any public computer (this does not prohibit access to websites that use cookies)
  • Deliberately propagates computer worms or viruses
  • Seeks to gain or gains unauthorized access to information resources
  • Without authorization invades the privacy of individuals or entities that are creators, authors, users, or subjects of the information resources.
  • Creates an intimidating, hostile, offensive, or abusive environment for other users of the Thompson Library

Violation of these points is unacceptable, and may be a violation of University policy or a criminal offense. In accordance with established University practices, policies, and procedures, confirmation of inappropriate use of University of Michigan-Flint technology resources may result in disciplinary action. This may include, but not be limited to, termination of access, removal from the Thompson Library or from the campus, suspension or expulsion from the University, termination of employment, legal action, or other appropriate disciplinary action.

Enacted by the Frances Willson Thompson Library on May 4, 1999; modified August 8, 2001; modified April 26, 2019; in accordance with P.A. 1982, No. 455, 5 (2)

Children in the Library

Except as provided in the section "Government Documents Collection – Access," children under age twelve may enter the library only in the company of a responsible adult. Children must stay within sight of the accompanying adult at all times (visits to restrooms excepted as appropriate). The adult is responsible for the child’s conduct and will be asked to remove the child from the library in case of inappropriate behavior.

Inappropriate behavior includes loud talking, running around, approaching other library users and/or staff, crying or any other conduct likely to disturb persons using the library for study.

Unaccompanied children will be asked to return to their accompanying adult or leave the area. If a problem persists (e.g. there is no accompanying adult), Public Safety will be notified.

When public schools are generally in session (last week in August until first week in June, weekdays until 3 p.m.), minors of any age must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, teacher, or other responsible adult, or must produce written, verifiable permission to be away from school. Public Safety will be notified if faculty or staff members suspect that a minor in the library is a truant.

Rationale. The Thompson Library strives to be an open, accessible place for scholars – including those unaffiliated with UM-Flint – to read, study, and conduct research. It also has a responsibility to make sure that any minors in the library are safe and are not illegally absent from school. This policy strikes a balance between these objectives, recognizing that minors can be legitimate users of the library and its resources, while also taking reasonable measures to deal with potential abuses of the library's openness. Because of its proximity to several schools, it is also incumbent upon the library to take measures to avoid becoming a magnet for truants.

Enacted 4/1979; Revised 4/2001