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Library Policies

Noise in the Library

Library users are expected to moderate their voices and respect the need of others for a quiet, studious atmosphere. Quiet conversations are permitted in study rooms and in designated open group study areas on the third floor. Library users should avoid conversation in the ITS computer carrels, in the second and third floor study carrels, and in the first floor atrium. 

Cell phone use is not permitted in the library. Users should set cell phones to vibrate or silence. 

The library may occasionally host events on in the first floor atrium. If a user is disturbed by the noise, library staff will do their best to find them a quiet place to study.

If a user is not observing the noise guidelines, or if another user complains about specific patrons creating noise, the following steps will be taken:

  • First, a circulation employee or librarian will remind the offending party about the library's noise policy and ask the individual(s) to quiet down. The reference librarian on duty will support the efforts of circulation desk to address the situation. If these efforts have been ignored, the reference librarian is responsible for following up.
  • If a second visit is required, the reference librarian will note that this is the second visit and if the noisy behavior does not stop the patron(s) will be asked to leave.
  • If a third visit is required, the patron(s) will be asked to leave. If the patron refuses to leave, the librarian will call Public Safety, who will escort them out.

If it seems appropriate at any point, a library staff member may ask a user to show identification, so the library director can follow up with a conversation. The patron will also be given the library director's business card. If the patron refuses to provide identification, staff will notify Public Safety, who have a Standard Practice Guide authorization to ask for identification from any person on campus. When dealing with a noisy group, staff may single out individuals who have been particularly rowdy and inform them that they must be quiet. Staff may also ask these individuals for their names.

The library director may decide to follow up with Student Services to discuss academic disciplinary actions that may be warranted. If Public Safety has been called, the librarian on duty will inform the library director by email or, if it seems warranted, by phone (810) 247-4482.

Food and Drink

Patrons are allowed to have covered drinks in the library and to have food on the third floor of the Thompson Library. Food may be allowed on other floors of the library for special events.

Food and drink is not allowed in the Genesee Historical Collections Center.

Rationale: Food options are limited on campus and in downtown Flint in the evenings and on weekends. We seek to balance the needs of our patrons and the upkeep of the library building.

Enacted 11/1982; Revised 4/2001; Revised 4/2019

Tobacco and Marijuana

The University of Michigan-Flint is a smoke-free campus (SPG 601.04), and the use and possession of marijuana is prohibited at UM-Flint according to the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Policy. Additionally the Thompson Library has banned the use of e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco in the Library and the Genesee Historical Collections Center as permitted by the UM-Flint AOD Policy.

Enacted 4/2019

Study Room Reservation Guidelines

The Thompson Library has a limited number of group study rooms available for reservation. Students, faculty, and staff are allowed to reserve and use the study rooms on the following conditions:

  • A patron can reserve a room(s) for no more than 4 hours in a day.
  • The person who made the reservation must be the person to check out the key at the circulation desk. They must have their MCard or a picture I.D.
  • You forfeit the room if you do not show up within the first 15 minutes of your reservation.
  • You can reserve a room up to three weeks in advance.
  • Please start packing up your belongings a few minutes before the end of your appointment.
  • Please shut the door and lock it when you leave.
  • If you have reserved the room, and you’re the only one in it, you may be asked to leave if a group needs it.
  • If you have reserved the ThinkLab, and you are not using the equipment, you may be asked to leave if someone needs to use the equipment.
  • By reserving the room you accept responsibility for any and all materials checked out for use with the room.

Revised 9/2023


The office of Conference and Events has adopted the following policy:

"The sale of any product or service offered as a fundraiser must be directly provided by the department or student organization. No sponsorship of commercial groups or solicitors is permitted."

[More info]

Distribution tables are available at other sites on campus. Accordingly, soliciting of any kind is not permitted in the Thompson Library building.

Flyers and other notices for University-related events may be posted in designated areas, but must be approved by the library director or the director’s designate. The Thompson Library reserves the right to limit the quantity of items, their placement, and length of time for their display.

Notices for events not connected with the University will generally not be permitted. Commercial advertising (except for the campus bookstore or other campus units) is not accepted.

Revised 4/2001; Revised 6/2003; Updated for C&E 11/2022

Displays and Exhibits

From time to time library faculty and staff prepare and arrange displays or exhibits in the library in the display cases. When the library initiates a display, it provides and prepares the materials.

The Thompson Library permits UM-Flint campus departments and organizations to plan exhibits for display in the library so long as the material is deemed appropriate by the public services department and the director of the library. It is up to such groups to supply all materials for a display, including signs, labels, etc. In addition, the library reserves the right to determine a time limit for any display that has been accepted.

Such displays must be academically oriented, must concern an issue of academic or intellectual substance, and should lead students into the resources of Thompson Library or other sources of research. Displays that are merely promotional in nature or that do not meet the other criteria listed above will not be permitted.

Enacted 3/1999; Revised 4/2001

The Henry H. Crapo Room

It is the express wish of the donor that the Victorian pieces from various Crapo family homes in the Flint area will create a museum atmosphere. The room was designed and will be maintained as a museum to comply with the donor’s request.

Security of the items and maintenance of the physical systems installed in the room are the responsibility of the Thompson Library Director and the University Archivist.

Any individual who wishes to see the room in more detail may make an appointment at a convenient time with the archivist or a member of the library’s reference staff.

Enacted 12/1984; Revised 7/1985; Revised 4/2001