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Archiving Pandemic and Protest Zine

What is it?

Submit your responses online or to the library by July 8, 2022!


The University of Michigan-Flint Thompson Library is collecting personal experiences of the UM-Flint and Flint communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and about the politics and protests of 2020-2021. Your stories will be preserved in the Genesee Historical Collections Center at UM-Flint for future generations to study and understand the tumultuous time in which we are currently living. 

We are also interested in

  • Written materials, like journals, diaries, and blogs. 
  • Audio or video recordings.
  • Photographs, art, and creative work about the pandemic or protests.
  • Signs, banners, and materials created specifically for protests or rallies.

If you have any questions, please email:

Submission of this zine or online form gives permission to the University of Michigan and University of Michigan-Flint to duplicate, display, publish, and preserve the answers made within. Submissions cannot be removed from the collection once they are processed.

This project is funded through the University of Michigan - Flint's DEI Initiative Grant Program.

Submit Online

To submit audio or video files, please email Audio and video will be transcribed and/or captioned as part of the archiving process. You are welcome to provide your own transcription or captions, and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation is available upon request.

Download and print the zine on your own!

Return the zine to a drop box location or mail it to:

Callum Carr
Thompson Library Room 218
303 E. Kearsley St.
Flint, MI 48503

Contact Information


Phone: (810) 762-3402

Project Team:

  • Zia Davidian (no longer at UM-Flint)
  • Callum Carr:
  • Liz Svoboda:

Special Thanks

To the UM-Flint DEI committee for funding this project.

To Juani Olivares, Jing Fu, Mohamed Daassa, Katie Curnow, Myles Hudkins, Emily Feuerherm, Tom Henthorn, Erica Britt, and our community partners. 

And to all of you, for participating!