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UNV 100: Social and Cultural History of Food

Dr. Guluma Gemeda, Fall 2021

Welcome and Orientation Assignment

Welcome to the library's course guide for UNV 100: Social and Cultural History of Food.

During your library orientation, you'll get a tour of the library building and website. You will also learn about some specific databases and websites on this guide will help you complete your recipe assignment.

Complete the following assignment for participation points during class.

If you need a refresher on the building or website tour, watching the following videos might help.

Recipes Databases and Online Resources

Food Related Books and eBooks in the Library

The call number listed below are places to find books about food and agriculture in the Thompson Library.

HD 1401 - 2210 | Agriculture as industry: farmland, sharecropping, collective farms, etc.

S - SH | Agriculture as science: history of agriculture, growing plants, soil control, raising animals, etc.

TP 368 - 456 | Food processing

TX 341 - 641 | Nutrition, Foods and food supply

TX 642 - 840 | Cooking

You also have access to Ann Arbor's physical collection of books. To search for books in both Flint and Ann Arbor, use the library catalog. Books are delivered to Flint twice a week, so plan ahead if you need a book from them.