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Resources to help launch a new business enterprise.

A-Z List of Journals & Trade Magazines

  • Academy of Entrepreneurship journal
  • American journal of entrepreneurship
  • Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts
  • Asia pacific journal of management and entrepreneurship research
  • Entrepreneurship and regional development
  • Entrepreneurship at a glance
  • Entrepreneurship research journal
  • Entrepreneurship theory and practice
  • European conference on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Foundations and trends in entrepreneurship
  • ICFAI journal of entrepreneurship development
  • International journal of entrepreneurship
  • International journal of gender and entrepreneurship
  • Journal of applied management and entrepreneurship
  • Journal of arts entrepreneurship research
  • Journal of Asia entrepreneurship and sustainability
  • Journal of business & entrepreneurship
  • Journal of developmental entrepreneurship
  • Journal of enterprising communities : people and places in the global economy : social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning in the cultural context
  • Journal of entrepreneurship
  • Journal of entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging economies
  • Journal of entrepreneurship and management
  • Journal of entrepreneurship and public policy
  • Journal of entrepreneurship education
  • Journal of entrepreneurship in emerging economies
  • Journal of entrepreneurship, management and innovation
  • Journal of ethics & entrepreneurship
  • Journal of global entrepreneurship research
  • Journal of global entrepreneurship research
  • Journal of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Journal of international entrepreneurship
  • Journal of language, technology & entrepreneurship in Africa
  • Journal of research in marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Journal of small business and entrepreneurship
  • Journal of women's entrepreneurship and education
  • New England journal of entrepreneurship
  • Southern journal of entrepreneurship
  • Strategic entrepreneurship journal
  • World Research Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business