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Ebook Central User Guide

Printing Sections of ebooks

If you do not want to download the entire ebook, Ebook Central allows users to save PDFs  within a specified page limit and keep that PDF for as long as they want. The number of pages will change from book to book. To see how many pages each book will allow in one visit, look at the Detail Page.

To Save a chapter as a PDF, scroll down the book's detail page to the Table of Contents and select a chapter to download. If the section or chapter is too large to download, it will say so.


You are also able to save chapters as PDFs from the Read Online screen, using the PDF option from the top toolbar.

To Print to PDF ranges of pages outside of the chapter, click on the Read Online button to go to the book's Reader page. Then click the Print icon on the gray toolbar.


A window will pop up with choices about what you want to Print to PDF. You can print

  • just the current page,
  • a range of pages as long as the number of pages is less than or equal to the Maximum, or
  • an entire chapter as long as the number of pages is less then or equal to the Maximum.

As far as this librarian can tell, the citation style makes no difference to the download.

After making your choices and clicking continue, a new window will appear asking you to open the PDF. The PDF will then appear in your internet browser's download folder, and depending on the browser, it may open in a new browser tab. You can then download the PDF from your browser and keep the file as long as you want!

Downloaded PDFs from Ebook Central do not expire!

If you print the maximum number of pages, you must wait until you can download more. For more information about print and copy limits, see the Proquest Guide to Ebook Central.

Downloading ebooks to Desktop or Laptop

Users must create an Ebook Central account and download Adobe Digital Editions to their computer in order to download ebooks. 

Ebook Central allows users to download entire books for a specified number of days at a time (typically 14 to 30 days). After that time limit, the ebook file expires. 

Any annotations, bookmarks, or highlights made to the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions, do not transfer to back to the book in Ebook Central.

Downloading ebooks to Tablet or Smartphone

Users must create an Ebook Central account to download ebooks to their mobile device. Ebook Central lets users download ebooks to a tablet or smartphone if users have the Adobe Digital Editions app and an Ebook Central account. It's free from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Ebook Central allows users to download entire books for several days at a time (typically 14 to 30 days). After the designated checkout time, the ebook file expires. 

Any bookmarks or annotations made to the ebook in Adobe Digital, do not transfer to back to the book in Ebook Central.

To download an ebook to a tablet or smartphone:

  1. Use your device to search for an ebook from the UM-Flint library's Ebook Central subscription.
  2. Click the Full Download button for the book (you may have to sign in to your Ebook Central account at this point).
  3. Select your device type (iOS or Android).
  4. Ebook Central gives you the option to download Adobe Digital Editions if you have not. If you have already downloaded the app, click "Done with this step."
  5. Click Download Your Book.
  6. You should then be taken to Adobe Digital Editions and given the choice between beginning to read the book or going to your Adobe Digital Editions library.