Ebook Central User Guide

Introduction to Ebook Central Reader

The Ebook Central Reader is the database's webpage which allows users to read the contents of the book without downloading. Other features of the Reader include:

  • Search within the book
  • Table of contents
  • Printing to PDF
  • Downloading entire books to Adobe Digital Editions (desktop/laptop computer) or Bluefire Reader (tablet/smartphone) [need Eook Central account]
  • Adding a book to a user's Ebook Central bookshelf [need Ebook Central account]
  • Getting a direct link to the book
  • Getting the book's citation information
  • Highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking pages [need Ebook Central account]
  • Zoom functions

The following video tutorials provide a brief overview of the Reader and the annotation, highlight, and bookmark functions. For help with downloading and printing ebooks, please go to the "Download and Print ebooks" page of this guide.

Video Introduction to Ebook Central Reader

Setting up Ebook Central Account

To use some of the Ebook Central functions, users must create a free Ebook Central account. The functions that require an Ebook Central account include:

  • Downloading entire books to Adobe Digital Editions (desktop/laptop computer) or Bluefire Reader (tablet/smartphone),
  • Adding a book to a user's Ebook Central bookshelf, and
  • Highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking pages.

To sign up for an account click "Sign In" in the upper right corner on any Ebook Central screen.

Then choose to either create an account or sign in to an already created account.

If you choose to create an account, fill out the required fields and accept the terms and conditions. We suggest you use your UM-Flint email and a password that you can remember.

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