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Finding a test or measurement instrument can be challenging at times and requires patience. You will likely need to consult several different resources, online databases and books but don't give up! The resources in this guide are meant to guide you through this process. If you need additional help please contact a librarian.

Remember: Always seek permission from a test's author before using the test unless it is stated explicitly that permission is not required.

Background Information

The Library has online access to the Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment. Consider using this resource for background information. It does not provide the tests themselves but offers articles and descriptions of many well-known tests.

Find a test by name or topic


Unpublished or noncommercial tests or measurements are not available commercially but may be included in articles, studies and dissertations. These tests are also under copyright and you should request permission to use these tests by contacting the author(s).

If you are looking for a specific test and have some idea of the name of the test, here are some ways to search for the test:


Published or commercial tests and measurements are available for purchase from the test publisher. Certification or permission from the publisher and author(s) may be required to administer these tests.