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Finding Books

The P section of the library are not the easiest to browse because the classification scheme can be very specific. It will be easiest to search for an author or title in the library's catalog to find what you are looking for.

Additionally, if we do not have a specific book, you can request it either through Get This (books owned by UM-AA and UM-F) or Interlibrary Loan (books from other libraries around the country and world).

Call numbers for Language and Literature

The Thompson Library's collection is organized by the Library of Congress Classification system. LOC organizes languages and literature into the P section and then subdivided based on language or country of origin. We recognize that the system is inherently Western and colonial in make up, so some areas, authors, or languages are misrepresented or underrepresented

Books related to linguistics and language can be found under the following call numbers.

P – Philology. Linguistics
PA – Greek language and literature. Latin language and literature
PB – Modern languages. Celtic languages
PC – Romanic languages
PD – Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages
PE – English language
PF – West Germanic languages
PG – Slavic languages and literatures. Baltic languages. Albanian language
PH – Uralic languages. Basque language
PJ – Oriental languages and literatures
PK – Indo-Iranian languages and literatures
PL – Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
PM – Hyperborean, Native American, and artificial languages

Graded "Easy" Readers

Graded or "easy" readers are books written specifically for language learners. Most are shelved in the library's main collection with other language learning books. Some of the readers have accompanying audio CDs to listen to the books as well.

The Thompson Library has readers in the following languages:

  • Arabic - most found at this call number PJ 6311 .M26
  • Chinese - most found at this call number PL 1113 .M362
  • English - see the English Language Program collection on the third floor of the library
  • French - most found at this call number range PC 2115 - PC 2117
  • German - most found at this call number PF 3117
  • Japanese - most found at this call number PL 537 .R45
  • Spanish - most found at this call number PC 4113

Learn more about graded readers and extensive reading on the Extensive Reading Collection guide.