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UNV 100: So You Want 2 Change the World

Dr. Christian Vannier


Welcome to the library's course guide for UNV 100: So You Want to Change the World.

The resources on this page will help you with your projects and assignments. Please reach out to Liz if you have questions about using a resource or are having difficulty finding what you need.

Current Issues Databases

Use these databases to find sources (both academic and non-academic) on your social issue. Some will have sections to major social issues like the opioid crisis, food insecurity, immigration, and much more.

News Databases

Good academic research takes time, but news sources are often reporting daily if not up to the minute records on some social issues. If you need the most up to date information on what the discussion is on a social issue, try searching in some of these major news sources.

As always, ask Liz for help if you need it!

Academic Journal Databases

These search tools and databases are useful if the Current Issues databases aren't giving you the best results from academic sources. The search strategies and tips covered in the video tutorials will help searching them.

Video Tutorials