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About the Library

Why do I need to login to the library databases?

Our licenses and agreements with database companies requires that only students, faculty, and staff of the University of Michigan-Flint have access to their content if they are not physically on campus, so we have to have you login with your UM-Flint login. 

If you are having trouble accessing any resources, librarians are able to help troubleshoot and LabAnywhere is an option to access not only the library resources, but also software available through ITS. We also have some tools that help access library content even if you aren't searching directly through the library:

  • Library Bookmarklet - a tool you can bookmark that will reload your browser to prompt logging into EZProxy
  • LibKey Nomad - browser extension that gives a quick link to articles that are part of the library without logging in
  • Linking to Google Scholar - set up Google Scholar to include links to full text articles available through the library


If you are having trouble logging into our proxy, try using LabAnywhere!

Library Bookmarklets

These bookmarklets let you reload a book, article, website, etc. through a library login page. To install the EZproxy bookmarklet in most browsers, simply drag-and-drop either or both of these links into your bookmarks or favorites toolbar. Then when you're off-campus, click one of the bookmarks to gain access to a resource. If we subscribe to something, this you should get in.

LibKey Nomad Browser Extension

Google Scholar Connection