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Leisure Reading: A Library Guide

Not Just for School!

The Thompson Library's books are not just for school work. We have a large collection of literature and popular fiction.

Check out our Browsing Collection for new and popular fiction and nonfiction. It is located on the 3rd floor near the Reference Desk.

You will find more literature and popular fiction in our main collection in the P section. It is sometimes difficult to browse through these books, so we suggest searching for an author or title in the library's catalog.

Literature in the Library

Here is break down of the Library of Congress classification for the P section.

PG 2900 - 3698 | Russian literature

PJ | Literature from the Middle East

PK 2901 - 5471 | Indian literature

PL 700 - 889 | Japanese literature

PL 950 - 998 | Korean literature

PL 2250 - 3208 | Chinese literature

PN 6700 - 6790 | Comics and graphic novels 

PQ | French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese literature

PR | British literature

PR 9340 - 9410 | African literature

PS | American literature

PT | German, Dutch, Scandinavian literature

What to Read Next

Did you just read a great book and want to read more like it? Or are you just having trouble deciding what to read next? The resources listed below can help.


Want to enjoy a book on the go? Try an audiobook!