APA Style for Bibliography

Most social science classes will require you to use APA style to format your in-text citations as well as your list of references. Sometimes you will also be asked to format your paper according to APA style, so be sure to double check with your instructor if you're not sure what you're being asked to do.

Thompson Library holds three copies of the APA manual of style, one copy each at:

  • Main Collection (2nd floor) -- this item may be checked out
  • Reference Desk (Ready Reference, one in the Main Collection (may be checked out)
  • Reserved Readings collection, which can be checked out for 2 hours, in library use only.

For additional assistance, please check with the Writing Center on campus.

RefWorks - Online Bibliography Software



Using RefWorks:  Fast and Easy Video Help

                 (Watch WHAT you need, WHEN you need it.  No need to go through all at once!)


Introduction to RefWorks  (0:56 minutes)

RefWorks -- Learn RefWorks in 20 minutes 

                     A complete set of basic instruction videos for using RefWorks  (20 minutes)


  OR --   Individual Help Based on Current Need:

RefWorks -- Getting Started!   Open, Create an Account, Login, Start Using!  (1:09 minutes)

RefWorks – Finding FULL TEXT & Saving File Attachments (3:08 minutes)

RefWorks – Save References to FOLDERS (3:30 minutes)

RefWorks – Adding References via Direct Export (2:10 minutes)

RefWorks – Adding References Manually (4:30 minutes)

RefWorks – Creating a Bibliography Automatically (2:36 minutes)

RefWorks –  Research Guide for RefWorks from ProQuest

RefWorks -- Using Write-N-Cite (within Word) (2:48 minutes)

RefWorks -- Installing Write-N-Cite on your computer (1.52 minutes)

RefWorks --  Installing RefWorks Citation Manager for Word 2016 (2.43 minutes)

Manually Inserting Citations (not RefWorks)  --  

      -- How to insert Citations & Reference Lists into your Paper (12:48 minutes)

Manually Inserting Citations (not RefWorks)  -- 

      -- How to add Citations & References using MS Word (4:51 minutes)

Transfer Old RefWorks Acccount to New RefWorks  -- 

      -- How to transfer all your Old RefWorks folders into New RefWorks  (1:24 minutes)


Saving Citations from PubMed to (new) RefWorks:

Step-by-step guide to exporting citations from PubMed (Medline) into RefWorks.

  1. Login to your RefWorks account with your username and password.
  2. Select from “Folder” list (or create new folder) for this research project.
  3. Conduct a search in PubMed to generate a results list.
  4. Select the items of interest on the results list.  Check mark the items.
  5. Select "Send to".
  6. Select "File".
  7. For “format,” select “Medline.”
  8. Click, “Create File.”
  9. Save file on your computer in location you can easily find.
  10. NOTE:  All PubMed files are named, “pubmed_results.txt”.  Rename appropriately so you are able to save and/or identify multiple files if saving more than one PubMed file on your computer.
  11. Click on the “+” icon at top of page found next to “folder” icon.
  12. Select “Import references” from list.
  13. Click, “Select a File from your Computer” to open your directory.
  14. Locate file you saved from your PubMed search. 
  15. Click on file to begin import to RefWorks.
  16. RefWorks will check the format.  Reports file will be imported as NLM PubMed format.
  17. Click “Import.”

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