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Academic Assessment and Policy Committee (AAPC) Charge and Membership

Charge: The Academic Assessment and Policy Committee (AAPC) will advise the provost in developing, reviewing, and revising academic policies and the assessment of student learning. In its advisory capacity, the AAPC will consider assessment plans for new and revised proposals and assist the provost in reviewing and evaluating department and program assessment activities. In doing so, the committee will provide feedback to, and consult with, departments and programs to ensure a standard of quality in student outcomes assessment within the curricula approved by the faculty. The AAPC will ensure that campus-wide assessment efforts, grounded in the principles of student-centered learning, remain consistent with the policies and expectations of the HLC (Higher Learning Commission). The committee will present an annual report on student learning to the provost. Finally, the AAPC will advise and assist Provost Office representatives in formulating assessment policy, making recommendations for and professional development related to assessment, and prepare materials on student learning for HLC accreditation.

Membership: The Academic Assessment and Policy Committee (AAPC) consists of one representative from each academic unit elected by the Faculty Senate for three-year terms, and two student members annually appointed by Student Government. The provost will annually appoint two members based on their expertise and roles on campus; this may include faculty members with assessment expertise or specific accreditation experience. The Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Provost for Graduate Programs shall both be members, ex officio, and serve as alternating co-chairs, along with a faculty member from the committee.

Approved on December 2, 2020 at the Faculty Senate meeting.

Academic Year 2023 - 2024 Members

  • Cathy Miller (SOM), 2024
  • Roxanne Buterakos (SON), 2024 - Chair
  • Chad Tiernan (CHS), 2026
  • Callum Carr (LIB), 2026
  • Janet Haley (CAS), 2026
  • Charlotte Tang (CIT), 2026
  • Sapna Thwaite, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies (ex officio)
  • Provost Appointees: Chris Lewis, Director of Graduate Programs
  • Student Representatives: Sai Sundar Ravikumar