University of Michigan-Flint Faculty Senate & Shared Governance

Elections and Nominating Committee (ENC) Charge and Membership

Charge: The committee shall solicit nominees for all vacancies and invite nominations from the academic units for the designated seats on the Faculty Senate Council, and university-wide committees. It shall forward a slate of nominees to UM-Flint senators, and shall be responsible for overseeing and supervising elections and tabulating election results. In all cases, the committee shall seek to nominate individuals with expertise or interest in the positions to be filled and ensure that nominations are consistent with requirements of the committee charges.

The chair of the Faculty Senate Council may also direct the Elections and Nominating Committee to submit to the Faculty Senate Council nominations for special appointments to task forces, ad hoc committees, and search committees. 

Membership: The Elections and Nominating Committee shall consist of one representative from each academic unit, and one at-large representative, elected by the Faculty Senate for a three-year term. The committee chair shall be chosen annually by the elected members. 

Approved by ballot measure in June 2021

Academic Year 2023 - 2024 Members:

  • Beth Freiman (CAS), 2024
  • Lixing Han (CAS), 2024
  • Gergana Kodjebacheva (CHS), 2024 - Chair
  • Ben Gaydos (CIT), 2024
  • George White (SOM), 2024
  • Suzanne Lugger (SON), 2024
  • Callum Carr (LIB), 2025
  • Denise Cooper (At Large), 2026