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Scholarships and Awards Committee (SAC) Minutes and Agenda

Scholarships and Awards Committee (SAC) Reports and Documents

Scholarships and Awards Committee (SAC) Charge and Membership

Charge: The committee will review and recommend to the Faculty Senate Council policies and priorities relative to scholarships, and review and recommend policies and criteria for granting campus-wide awards and honors to students and faculty. The committee shall also make its recommendations to the provost and chancellor for granting of such scholarships and awards.

The committee shall consult with and advise the provost and chancellor on the planning of academic ceremonies, including commencement exercises, and the selection of the student commencement speaker.

Membership: The Scholarships and Awards Committee (SAC) shall consist of one faculty member from each academic unit, elected by the Faculty Senate, for three-year terms, and two student members annually appointed by Student Government. The Provost, Chancellor, and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs may appoint a representative from each of their offices as members. The committee chair shall be chosen annually by the elected members.

Approved on November 20, 2020 at the Faculty Senate meeting.

Academic Year 2023 - 2024 Members

  • Suzanne Trojanowski (CHS), 2024 - Chair
  • Matt Wolverton (LIB), 2024
  • Yasser Aboelkassem (CIT), 2024
  • Weiqi Li (SOM), 2025
  • Maureen Murphy (SON), 2026
  • Gregory Havrilcsak (CAS), 2026
  • Chelsea Duncan (Chancellor's Appointee)
  • Sapna Thwaite (Provost's Appointee)
  • Launa Collins (Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Appointee)
  • Student Representative: Amanda Binu, Abe Dabaja