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Legislative History: A Guide to Library Research

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -- Debates, Markups and Votes (Minutes of Congress) - Includes dates/names of document over time.

The Congressional Record is a daily journal listing the debates, proceedings and activities (including floor votes) of both the House and Senate as well as Congress (jointly). The Daily edition is published the following day and stands individually (as a daily collection of around 275 pages each) until bound in final form at the end of the current session of congress.

The Congressional Record is the 4th in the series of documents that have recorded the activity of Congress. That is to say, the name of this serial changed four times since the inception of the United States. In chronological sequence, here are the names and dates of coverage.

  • Debates & Proceedings of Congress: (The Annals of Congress) 1st through 18th (1st session) Congress (1789 - 1824)
  • Register of Debates of Congress: 18th through 25th Congress (1824 - 1837)
  • Congressional Globe: (overlaps the Register slightly) 23rd through 42nd Congress (1833 - 1873)
  • Congressional Record: 42nd Congress through present (1873 - present)

SOURCES -- Congressional Record