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Integrating the Library into Canvas Courses

Adding a Librarian to a Course's People

Adding a librarian to your course can be helpful to students at any stage of their research journey. We can help facilitate discussions regarding evaluation of sources, be a sounding board for search strategies, and even help create assignments related to the library and its resources.

To add a librarian to your course.

  1. Contact the librarian you'd like to work with and determine the scope of their involvement.
  2. Open your Canvas course.
  3. Click People in the left side menu.
  4. Click the dark blue + People button in the upper right corner.
  5. Search for the librarian you'd like to add by email or uniqname.
  6. Select the Role of Librarian.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Add Users to add the librarian to your course.
  9. The librarian will get an email invitation to your course. After they accept, they will be able to login through their account to interact with your students through discussion boards and the assignments you'd like them to help with.