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Integrating the Library into Canvas Courses

Modules Available in Canvas Commons

The following modules have been created by UM-Flint librarians and shared in the Canvas Commons for other UM-Flint instructors to use. You can search for them in the Commons under Thompson Library.

The library will periodically update the modules, typically over the summer, to refresh content and make sure that it is correct. You will see a notification about updates when you enter the Commons. Scroll down for instructions on updating these modules.

We will be developing additional Canvas modules on topics including:

  • Evaluating sources

If you have suggestions or requests for additional topics, please email Liz Svoboda,

Importing a Commons Module

To add a library module from the Canvas Commons to your course.

  1. Open your course.
  2. Click Import from Commons in the upper right corner of the page to be taken to the Canvas Commons.
  3. Search for Thompson Library.
  4. In the resulting content look for the module you want and select it.
  5. On the module's page you can preview the content before clicking Import/Download to open a side menu.
  6. On the side menu select the course you want to import the module, then click Import.
  7. The module will appear in your course and gradebook shortly.

Updating a Commons Module

The library's modules will be reviewed annually for any content that needs updating. These reviews will occur during the summer, but it is good practice to look for updates at the start of each instruction period.