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Directors Advisory Committee (DAC) Charge and Membership

Charge: The committee shall advise the directors of identified administrative units on operations related to the objectives of all academic units, including budgetary priorities, current policies and practices, fund allocations, instructional technology needs, and impacts on existing resources and services. The committee shall also make recommendations for the allocation of technology grant funds. And it shall investigate and recommend to Faculty Senate Council matters of significance regarding the operations, resources, and services of those units. The Directors Advisory Committee chair or other designated member shall attend the Information Systems Steering Committee as deemed necessary.

Membership: The Directors Advisory Committee shall consist of one representative from each academic unit and one at-large representative elected by the Faculty Senate, and two student members annually appointed by Student Government. The committee chair shall be chosen annually by the elected members. Directors of identified administrative units shall serve as ex officio members. Identified administrative units include, but are not limited to Information Technology Services, the Frances Willson Thompson Library, the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Extended Learning.

Approved on November 20, 2020 at the Faculty Senate meeting.

Academic Year 2023 - 2024 Members:

  • Matthew Wolverton (LIB), 2024
  • Laura Smith (CHS), 2025
  • Ruth Person, (SOM), 2025
  • Thiago Ferreira (CIT), 2026
  • Guluma Gemeda (CAS), 2026
  • Roxanne Buterakos (SON), 2026
  • Chris Molnar (At-large), 2026
  • Student Representatives: vacant