World History


This guide is intended for research about world history. Use the tabs on the left to find resources dealing with a particular geographic area.

Below are some databases that are frequently used to start with, but you can find more resources through the left-side tabs. For resources focused on American history or British history, please see the list of related guides.

For assistance with finding resources, please ask a librarian in the chat box in the right-hand column. For more in-depth help, contact the History Liaison Librarian and Archivist, Colleen Marquis.

Frequently Used Databases

Books & eBooks

Books on World history can be found under the following call number ranges:

DA - Great Britain

DAW - Central Europe

DB - Austria, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Czechoslovakia

DC - Franc, Andorra, Monaco

DD - Germany

DE - Greco-Roman World

DF- Greece

DG - Italy, Malta

DH - Low Countries

DJ - Netherlands

DJK - Eastern Europe General

DK - Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics, Poland

DL - Northern Europe, Scandinavia

DP - Spain, Portugal

DQ - Switzerland

DR - Balkan Peninsula

DT - Africa

DU - Oceania, Australia

DX - Romanies

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