Resources to help launch a new business enterprise.

Introduction to Guide

This Guide and the navigation Tabs (left side of screen) is here to help UM-Flint researchers find books, articles, databases, company information & financials, industry information & statistics and research tips in the field of Business.


This Guide is intended for the use by University of Michigan-Flint students and employees. 

         Users outside of UM-Flint may not be able to access many of the links provided.


If you're having a problem and need help, contact a University of Michigan-Flint librarian with your questions:


This guide has been specifically created for the entrepreneur, whether just starting a new business or tweaking a current enterprise.

Resources include books available from Thompson Library (both print and digital formats), as well as journal articles, statistical information, information about existing companies and helpful information regarding legal and tax considerations as well as marketing and international aspects -- all which may be available in any of our many subscription service databases (see:  A-Z List of Databases).

Additionally, links have been included to outside resources (publicly available sites) where they may offer further insight or assistance on a question of business startup or operation.

As always, suggestions for improving this guide are always appreciated.


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