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Flint & Local History: A Guide to Library Research

Genealogy Resources

For genealogical research and research on individuals, several sources are available. The decennial manuscript census schedules are available in indexed form from 1860 to 1920 in HeritageQuest Online and up to 1940 in FamilySearch, although one must look for personal names.  

City Directories

City directories for Flint begin their coverage in 1870 but become more consistent after 1900. These are found in the GHCC and Flint Public Library.

Court Records

 Genesee County Probate Court records from 1835 to 1953 are deposited at the GHCC, although adoption records remain sealed at the original office. Access to these records is through the probate calendars available in the GHCC's reading room, and, in the future, an online index. 

Death Records