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Flint & Local History: A Guide to Library Research

Flint Newspapers

Flint's newspapers began with the Flint River Gazette in 1839 (an issue of which can be found at the Bentley Historical Library in Ann Arbor). The periodical collection, Collection 103, contains interesting examples of community/neighborhood newspapers, sports papers, special interests newspapers, and ethnic newspapers serving the African American, Jewish, Arbab, and European Immigrant communities. 

The chief runs of 19th-century Flint newspapers include the following titles. All can be found on microfilm, at the Genesee Historical Collections Center (as well as Flint Public Library) 

  • Genesee Whig (1850-1854),
  • Genesee Whig and Wolverine Citizen (1854-1857),
  • Wolverine Citizen (1858-1911), (some bound volumes are available at Sloan Museum)
  • Sunday Democrat (1876-1885),
  • Genesee Democrat (1878-1904),
  • Flint Daily News (1884-1906), and
  • Flint Globe (1894-1906). 

For the entire 20th century, however, the newspaper of record has been the Flint Journal, published since 1896, although the run of microfilmed newspapers starts in 1898 and continues to the present. Digitized, searchable copies of the Journal are available online from 1898 - 1922 and from 1995 - present

Flint Journal Indexes & Chronologies

For the years 1965 to 1983 an index to the Journal was compiled and published by the Flint Public Library.

For the years 1912 to 1935, the Journal compiled annual chronologies of events for the previous year; these have been republished and indexed and are available in Reference and in the GHCC.

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