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Flint & Local History: A Guide to Library Research

Sit-Down Strike

The largest news story ever to originate in Flint was the Sit-Down Strike at General Motors which took place at a number of plants in Flint in 1936-1937. In addition to the books listed below, the GHCC holds a number of publications more ideological in nature.  

UM-Flint Labor History Project 

United Auto Workers (UAW)

The records of UAW Local 599, 1939-2011, are available for research purposes at the GHCC. A finding aid is also available.

The GHCC has runs of local labor newspapers including: 

  • Flint Auto Worker (1936-1939)
  • Flint Weekly Review (1938, 1950-1961),
  • Fisher News (from UAW Local 326; 1973-1977)
  • Members' Forum (from UAW Local 326; 1986-1987)
  • Headlight (from UAW Local 599; 1941 - 2012),
  • Fisher Flashes (from UAW Local 581; 1945-1948, 1969-1972, 1974-1977, 1986-1989),
  • Eye-Opener (from UAW Local 598; 1974-1977),
  • Searchlight (UAW Local 659;1973-1977, 1984-1985, 1986-present), and 
  • Grand Blanc Impressions (UAW Local 1292; 1969-178, 1986-2012).  

The Reuther Library at Wayne State University, however, has many more UAW records in its collection.