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Marketing Research

Marketing research, as defined by the American Marketing Association (AMA), is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information that is used to:

1. Identify and define marketing opportunities and problems

2. Generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions

3. Monitor marketing performance

4. Improve understanding of marketing as a process

This guide is intended to help you begin your research paper and/or project in the field of marketing and direct you to a variety of resources from the Thompson Library related to business and management:

  • Reference books (print and online) that may be useful starting points for research.
  • Books --over 14 million books available throughout the UM library system.
  • Article Databases (scholarly journals) covering your topic (over 75,000 journals)
  • Databases covering Company Information, Financials and Statistics
  • Industry Information and Statistics
  • Demographics information.
  • Search tips for the library catalog and article databases


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